week 9

We are currently on week nine of the season. We are still working hard to finish our robot. We have moved past our planning and prototyping phase. This means we are now starting to assemble our build as we make our parts.

We have had some minor set-backs with manufacturing parts. With that issue out of the way, we are able to start working on other aspects of the robot we need to get finished. All of our sub-teams have been very productive. Our build team has gone over all of their safety precautions. Our safety team has continued to focus on build safety and general COVID safety.

Today is also the 32nd anniversary of the founding of FIRST. Of those thirty-two years, Team 34 has been operating for twenty-five years. Even though this year has come with it’s own challenges and set-backs, we are still very grateful for being able to participate this season.

Thank you for checking our website. We hope to see you around again. Have a great day and stay hydrated. Go Rockets! 🚀