Week 4 of build season

We are currently on week number six of the season. This means we have a week left in our six-week build season. We have made progress on our builds. We have narrowed down our ideas even further and have combined some more. All of our sub-teams have been really productive. Our build teams have gone over even more safety precautions. This year, not only has our safety team been focused on build safety, but also general COVID guidelines.

Design has been working harder on CAD. Programming has been taking their free-time to further their knowledge in C++. Build has been working hard on their prototypes and on starting to work on making an real model. They have also been learning to solder. Multimedia has been working on improving their Photoshop and video editing skills and has just been working hard to enhance their overall Adobe skills.

In week three we had just started the final drafts of the prototypes and were still improving on our skills in the different programs that each sub-team uses. Currently in week six we have gotten further on said prototypes and skills. We’ve 3D printed some more things and have started working even harder to try and get to week six.

Thank you for checking our website. We hope to see you around again. Have a great day and stay hydrated. Go Rockets! 🚀