Week 4 Breakdown

Overall we’ve gotten a lot of stuff done to our bot and are proud of where we are this week. Here is what we achieved.

Build finished the intake prototype which will suck in power cells and load them into our shooter. They have also started manufacturing the real climber that we will use in competition and also completed all field elements.

Programming has been working on our swerve code, giving the commands for our robot to move, and the color code. Programming and build have been working hand in hand with each other troubleshooting our swerve drive. They have also been working on our LEDs which will light up our bot. 

Design has made a mount for a light, worked on the intake design, the lift design, and modified the j hook for space, using cords and pulleys rather than a 3 stage elevator. They’re now putting finishing touches to the intake, shooter mechanisms, and figuring out where all the mechanisms will be sitting on our bot. 

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