Week 1 Update 2021!

We have just begun our six week build season. Kickoff is the start of the competition. Kickoff is when most of the North Alabama teams will meet up in a set location. Then, we watch the unveiling of the new year’s game. However, this year due to covid, teams were not able to do that. Instead, we watched the stream on twitch as a team at our home base.

This 2021 game is similar to the 2020 game with the exception that there are extra at-home challenges. We have narrowed down our ideas and are currently working on prototypes for the robot and have gotten quite far in said prototyping phase. Our focus for this season is to enhance the functionality of the multiple abilities like the climber, the shooters, the ball pick-up, and the color wheel spinner.

Thank you for checking our website. We hope to see you around again. Have a great day and stay hydrated. Go Rockets! 🚀