Meet our team!

The most photogenic guy you’ll ever see!

Ryan Livingston
“I don’t know” pt. 1

Heather Jackson
The silent knight.

Zack Kimbrough
“I don’t know” pt. 2

Andrey Ashmore
One of our prized multimedia members

Aaron Vickers
Our only female programmer!

Miranda Haynes
Jeep Life!

Jack Pressnell
This guy has a pretty big truck 🙂

Hugh Vessels
We don’t know what’s better; his looks or his sense of humor!

Grayson Roberts
Our spirit captain and our mascot!

William Blankenship
The man who programs!!

Bernard Allotey
Only the best multimedia captain ever!

Bethanie Cross
A pretty cool build member!

Braden Mitchell
Man of many talents!

Marcus Hardy
This guy has the best reactions!

Travis Kelly
He helps the multimedia team make their memes

Xander Pineda
He means the world to us

Arth Singh
Our only female build member!

Allison Bailey
Usually has a confused look, but we got used to it 🙂

Riley Cook

“Uhhhh… Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

Tad Dirigo

If you saw pac-man at a regional last year… it was him.

Alex Mcmahon
I’ll CAD you later! 🙂

Andrew Farmer

If you want to know something about genetics or your family tree, just ask him. He knows a lot 🙂

Mikey Gilliland